Sunday, September 25, 2005


pictures of marilyn monroe

*they use complementry colors, yellow-purple, blue -red. i think the purples, reds, and golds show that she was an important person or of higher class.


i took these pictures and altered them on my computer to make them look like a drawing. on my computer i use photo impressions.


This is another one of audre's weird art. click here to view her page. i like this because its easy to do with photoshop but it looks really funky.. the black and white color value makes it look like shes in deep thought or more evil. The colored one makes it more warm and calming. The golden yellow color of her hair makes it warm and the green and blue in the fan make it look calm.


audre's weird art.

*for this i think they used color value of brown. this picture gives off a relaxed vibe, the girl is leaning back kind of in relief that she finally gets to sit down. the colors contribute to the relaxed feeling because they are like neutral colors not BRIGHT colors that would be excitement.


hey this is my blog page for art class...
i found this picture on google and i thought it was pretty neat, so i'd share it with you..